as well as到底怎麼用?跟著範例輕鬆學會”as well as”!



英文 as well as 怎麼用?你也許知道”as well as”這個片語,但你會正確地使用它嗎?很多人把它誤以為”and”的同義詞,但其實它表達的是”not only(不但) … but also(而且)”,在已知的事實外,添加更多資訊的意思。

讓Let’s Talk講師Rachna用以下範例,導正你使用”as well as”的方式:

範例1: John, as well as Mary, wants to leave early.

在這個範例中,”as well as”用來表示不僅Mary,John也想要早點離開。因為”Mary” 是單數名詞,所以動詞會是”wants”,而非”want”。

範例2: Animals, as well as plants need water to survive.


範例3: She is greedy as well as dishonest.



範例4-1:He hurt his arm as well as breaking his leg.

範例4-2: She draws as well as designing clothes.

這兩個範例中,我們以”as well as”連接兩個動作,而接在”as well as”後的動作,請改為動名詞形式。切勿誤用為”He hurt his arm as well as broke his leg.”,或”She draws as well as designs clothes.”。

範例5: I have to clean the floors as well as cook food.

此句中使用了不定詞”to clean”,但接在”as well as”後的動作,請別也在前面加上”to”,而是直接使用原形動詞即可。別誤用為”I have to clean the floors as well as to cook food.” 。