1. Use your eyes 看

e.g. Look both ways before crossing. 再穿越馬路先看兩邊。
e.g. Look at that! 你看那個!

2. to appear 顯露

e.g. She looks tired today. 她今天看起來很累
e.g. That cake looks nice. 那蛋糕看起來很棒。

3. Phrasal verbs 片語動詞

a. I’ll look after you. 我會照顧你。
b. I’d like to look at some shoes, please. 我想要看些鞋子,麻煩了。
c. She’s always looking back at her childhood. 她總是在回顧自己的童年。
d. I’m looking for my hat. 我在找我的帽子。
e. We’re looking forward to our holiday. 我很期待我們的假期。
f. Will you look out for the postman? 你會去找郵差嗎?
g. May we look round the shop? 我們可以參觀這間商店嗎?
h. He was looking through some books. 他在瀏覽書籍。
i. I look up to my boss. 我很尊敬我的老闆。

4. Noun 作為名詞

e.g. He gave her a strange look. 他給了她一個奇怪的眼神。
e.g. She has that look on her face. 她的臉上掛著那樣的表情。
e.g. Can I have a look? 我可以看一下嗎

5. other uses 其他用法

e.g. She’s a looker! 她很好看!
e.g. She’s good-looking. 她長得很好看!
e.g. Can you see the lookout post? 你看得到那個警惕的公告嗎?
e.g. I’m on the lookout for a good second-hand car. 我正在留意一台好的二手車。