ask over/ask out/bring over/come over…中文意思是?9個常見的短語動詞!




Let’s talk的英文老師整理出了9組常見的短語動詞,不只十分實用,在社交場合之中,如果使用正確,也能讓你看來更加有自信喔!

1. Ask over  邀請某人到你的住處

ex. I’m going to ask Mrs. Smith over to my place tomorrow.我明天要邀請史密斯太太來我住處。

2. To ask out  邀請某人約會或參加活動

ex. John wants to ask Amy out on a date. 約翰想約艾咪。

3. Bring over 帶上某些物品,移往至另一個地方

ex. Please bring over your movie DVD, so we can watch some movies tonight. 請帶上你的電影DVD,這樣我們晚上才能看電影。

4. Pop in/stop in/ stop by 拜訪某人一段時間

ex. Can I stop by/pop in/ stop in for a little while.

5. Drop in 意料之外地來訪

ex. My uncle dropped in this afternoon. 我舅舅今天下午來訪

6. Drop off  把某人丟在某個地方

ex. I dropped off my Mom at the supermarket. 我把我媽丟在超市。

7. Pick up 接送某人

ex. James is going to the airport to pick up his Son. 傑米要去機場接他兒子

8. Meet up  約見面

ex. My friends and I are meeting up at Ruby Tuesdays.

9. To come over  邀請某人到你的住處待很長的一段時間

ex. Would you like to come over to my place while your house is being renovated?