set up/work out/turn out/catch up…中文意思是?英文會話常用的動詞片語!




Engvid的講師James提出了五個在口語上常常用到的動詞片語(phrasal verbs),例如我們常聽到的「work out」就有四種用法,如果能一次學起來,我們在看欣賞電影時就不會為了瞭解角色對話,而忘了投入在劇情當中了!

1. Set up

– To place somebody in an awkward situation 使某人處於尷尬的情況之下
– To arrange or build a system 建立或開創某事物

2. Work out

– Fix a problem 解決問題
– Couples fix a relationship 情人之間修復關係
– Come to a successful end 成功、有好結果
– Go to the gym 運動、鍛鍊

3. Turn out

– Unknown knowledge 結果是、原來是
– Quantity produced 出產

4. Cut off

– To be stopped 中斷
– When driving somebody goes in front of you 超車

5. Catch up

– Learn about what has happened in the pass 更新近況

6. 練習

Mr. E helped me to ____ ____ my new computer. It ____ ____ well and we finished early! However, it ____ ____ Mr. E had forgotten to pay his electric bill so the power was ____ ____. We sat in the dark ____ ____.

7. 答案

(1) Set up
(2) Worked out
(3) Turns out
(4) Cut off
(5) Catching up


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