cut off/tear off/take off/pay off/go off…中文意思是?「off」英文片語大合集


「off」本身的詞性為「介詞」,帶有「分開」的語意,當我們使用動詞來搭配時,也會帶有「分開」的語意。因此,英文老師 Aly 就在《Papa Teach Me》上分享了一連串與「off」並用的片語動詞!

1. rip off / tear off  撕開

e.g I ripped off the paper.

= I ripped the paper off.


2. cut off  剪開;剪掉

e.g I cut off my hair.


3. take off  脫掉(衣服 / 鞋子)

e.g Take off your shoes before you go in the house.


4. throw off  (用力;撒手)脫掉(衣服 / 鞋子)

e.g I threw off my coat on the sofa last night when I got home.


5. walk off / run off  離開;逃離

e.g He ran off his friend because she likes Justin Bieber .


6. pay off  付清;付出;賄賂

e.g He paid off the police when he drove over-speed.


7. go off  (鬧鐘、手機、警報)響了;爆炸

e.g My alarm went off this morning.


8. put off  拖延;延期

e.g She put off the wedding for another couple years.


9. call off  取消

e.g Let’s call off the party.


10. show off  炫耀

e.g He is showing off her new car.