1. 表格整理:

Meanwhile (adv.) 同時 While (conj.) 和……同時
Connects 2 sentences 連接兩個句子 1 sentence & 2 actions 一個句子,兩個動作
At the beginning of the second sentence


At the beginning or the middle of the sentence


Comma 有逗號 No comma 沒有逗號
Followed by subject 後面接主詞 Sometimes subject, sometimes –ing verb


2. 例句:

e.g. I will do my homework while you watch TV. 當你在看電視時,我會做我的作業。
e.g. I went to a concert. Meanwhile, my friend was at a restaurant. 我當時去了場演唱會。在此同時,我朋友正在一間餐廳裡。
e.g. Everyday, I eat breakfast while reading the newspaper. 我每天都在吃早餐的時候閱讀報紙。
e.g. While you sang, I took pictures of you. 當你唱歌時,我幫你拍了照。
e.g. Mom worked all day. Meanwhile, I was at school. 媽媽工作了一整天。在此同時,我正在學校裡。

3. 練習:

1. People were at home watching TV. _______, aliens were planning their invasion of the Earth.
2. ______ I was waiting for Jeremy, I heard a loud noise.
3. I read a lot of books ______ I was on the airplane.

4. 解答:

1. Meanwhile
2. While
3. While


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