throw on、bundle up、take in、roll up..中文意思是?27個穿搭「clothing」相關的英文片語!

clothing 有「服裝、衣服」的意思,但關於穿脫衣服的片語動詞,像是 throw on、bundle up、take in、zip up…等穿搭相關的英文片語,你都瞭解了嗎?

《Speak English With Vanessa》講師 Vanessa 在 Youtube 上面列舉了27種與「clothing」相關的英文片語動詞,一起來學習吧!

1、try on 試穿

例:Dan is trying on this striped shirt. He already tried on a red one. Which one should he get? He tried it on.


2、get into / fit into 合適

例:Do you think that Dan will be able to get into this shirt? He used to fit into it…30 years ago.

你認為丹穿這件襯衫合適嗎? 30年前這件曾經很合適。

3、put on 穿

例:Dan puts on a hoodie because it’s a little bit chilly outside today. He puts it on.


4、throw on 匆匆穿上

例:He is late for work, so he’s just going to throw on his hoodie and run out the door! He is throwing it on.


5、have on 穿

例:Dan has had on his hoodie all day even though it’s spring. He had it on.


6、take off 脫掉

例:After wearing his hoodie all day, he is finally ready to take it off.


7、zip up 拉上拉鍊

例:Dan zips up his coat to get ready to go outside. He zips it up.


8、button up 扣上(鈕扣)

例:He makes sure to button up his dress shirt carefully before his date with me. He buttons it up.


9、tuck in 紮進去(衣服)

例:After buttoning it up, it’s time to tuck in his shirt. He tucks it in.


10、roll up 捲起來

例:It’s warm this afternoon, so Dan decides to roll up his sleeves before going outside. He rolls them up.


11、dress up 盛裝

例:Dan is really dressing up for this date! Do you think he is going to change his pants?


12、dress up like 打扮像

例:Dan  is dressed up like an annoying tourist.


13、bundle up / wrap up 穿得暖和

例:Don’t forget to bundle up before you go outside! Make sure you wrap up. It’s cold out there!


14、strip down 脫掉

例:When Dan got inside, it was so hot that he needed to strip down. Ah, that feels better!


15、wear out 穿破、磨壞

例:Dan wore his favorite shorts so much that now they are completely worn out. He wore them out.


16、slip on 迅速穿上

例:Dan slips on his shoes before he goes outside. He slips them on.

丹出門前迅速穿上鞋子。 他把它們穿上。

17、slip off 迅速脫下

例:He quickly slips them off every time he goes inside the house.


例:18、lace up 繫鞋帶

Dan is lacing up his hiking boots and then he ties the laces into a double knot. He laces them up.

丹正在繫登山靴的鞋帶,然後將鞋帶綁成雙結。 他繫好鞋帶了。

例:19、break in 磨合

These are new boots, so Dan needs to break them in for a few days.


例:20、kick off 踢掉(鞋子)

Dan kicks off his hiking boots after a long hike. Ah, that feels good. He kicks them off.


例:21、let out 放寬(衣服)

This shirt is a little too small. Dan needs to get it let out if he wants to wear it comfortably. The tailor will let it out.

這件襯衫太小了。 Dan若要穿得舒適,需要將它衣服放寬。 這裁縫要放寬。

例:22、take in 改小(衣服)

Dan really likes these pants, but they’re too big. Maybe he will get them taken in professionally. The tailor will take them in.

丹真的很喜歡這條褲子,但是太大了。 也許他會讓專業人員將它們改小。 裁縫將它們改小。

例:23、fold up 摺起來

After washing his favorite cat tank top, Dan folds it up carefully.


例:24、hang up / put away 掛起來/收起來

Now that this video is finished, Dan hangs up his coat and puts it away in the closet. He hangs it up.

這段視頻製作完成後,Dan掛上外套並將其收進衣櫥中。 他掛起來了。


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