back 中文意思是?秒懂back up/back off/back down/back away from…用法跟意思!

back 中文意思,你都了解嗎?back 有「後、背後、背面」的意思,跟 back 有關的英文片語也不少,例如:back in to、back out of、back on to、back away from、back off、back down、back up…等等,這些跟back有關的英文片語都滿常見的,如果你還不知道這些英文片語的中文意思與用法,那就趕快學起來吧。

《EnglishClass 101》講師 Alisha 在 Youtube 上面列舉了七個 back 相關的常用片語動詞,一起來看看吧!

1back in to 移入

to move in to a space 表示移入某個空間

例:He backed in to the parking space.


= He moved with the rear part of the car forward into the parking space.

2back out of 退出

to move out of a space 表示移出空間

例:Can you back out of the garage?


3back on to 後退

to move backwards on to something 表示向後退

例:He backed on to the sidewalk.


4back away from 退後

to move backwards in a direction opposite something else 表示向相反方向向後移動

例:They backed away from the fire.


註:to move with the rear part forward 以上四個片語動詞都有向前移動後部的意思

5back off 放手、停止

to remove oneself from a situation, to move away in fear 從某個狀況中擺脫、擺脫畏懼

例:Back off and let us deal with the problem.


6back down 認錯、打退堂鼓

to admit a mistake, to stop supporting something 表示承認錯誤,停止支持某事

例:My neighbor won’t back down, he accuses me of being noisy!


7back up 支持

to support someone verbally 表示口頭支持某人

例:My colleagues backed me up when I made a complaint.