Back up, back out, back off, back down…中文是什麼意思? back的15種用法!





1. He always sits at the back of the bus. 他總是坐在公車的後面。
2. My back is itching! 我的背部好癢。
3. I’ll meet you in back of/behind the building. 我會在建築物的後方與你碰面。
in back of是美式用法,behind是英式用法。

Adjective 形容詞

1. Did you close the back door? 你關後門了嗎?
Back door的相反及front door前門。
2. He’s in the back room. 他在後面的房間。

Adverb 副詞

1. I’m going back home now. 我現在要回家。
Go home(回家)中間再加上back ,有return返回的意思。
2. Our neighbors are back from holiday. 我們的鄰居剛度假回來。


1. The car was backing into the street. 那部車正後退至街上。
2. Don’t worry. If you want to raise the issue with the boss I will back you. 別擔心,如果你想向老闆提案,我會支持你。
Back 有支持support之意。
3. The company will back the project 這間公司將會贊助這項計畫。.

Phrasal Verb 動詞片語

1. When I challenge her, she always backed down. 每當我對他提出質疑時,她就讓步了。
back down打退堂鼓、放棄
2. We need to back up these files. 我們應該備份這些文件。
3. He wants to back out of the agreement. 他想退出協議。
4. I think you should back off. 我覺得你應該要退後。
5. She has forgotten to bring me back my book. 她忘了還我筆了。


圖片來源: pixabay