see off/set off/stop over/hold up/check in 中文意思是?「旅行」的5個英文片語!


當你要啟程出發(set off)去旅行時,你的家人會到機場送你(see off)嗎?而如果你要進行長途飛行,你還需要轉機(stop over)!

English With Lucy的講師Lucy提出了五個和「旅行」有關的片語動詞(phrasal verbs),而所謂的片語動詞就是一個動詞加上一個介係詞,運用簡單的單字翻玩出各種變化!

1. set off

= to start of begin a journey 展開旅程
e.g. When I went to Barcelona, I set off at six o’clock in the morning.

2. to hold up

= to delay 延遲
e.g. There was a traffic jam which held us up for half an hour.

3. to see off

= to go to the place that someone is leaving from to say goodbye 送別某人
e.g. My dad came into departures to see me off.

4. to check in

= to arrive and register at a hotel or airport 報到、登記
e.g. At the airport, I had to check in my luggage at the desk.

5. to stop over

= to stop somewhere on the way to your final destination 中途停留
e.g. My final destination is Indonesia, but I might stop over in Italy.