Monkey suit/bathing suit/empty suit 意思是?「suit」英文單字慣用語和用法解析!



如果你有看過追愛總動員(How I met your mother)這部膾炙人口的影集,你一定記得Barney Stinson的口頭禪:「Suit up!」


1. Suit yourself 隨便你

2. Birthday suit 裸體

3. Suit up

– to put on a suit 穿上西裝
– Put on clothes for action 穿上衣服,採取行動

4. Monkey suit

– tuxedo (formal clothes) 晚禮服(正式服裝)
– uniform 制服

5. bathing suit

– clothing for swimming 泳裝

6. empty suit

– a person who has done nothing to earn their position

7. suits

– high level management 管理高層
– government (negative) 政府(負面意思)

8. lawsuit

– to go to court because somebody feels they are owed something 訴訟(非刑事案件)

9. suit & fit

– fit: it is the right size or shape 合身
– suit: it is right for somebody or makes you look good 適合某人、與某人相稱