iffy / gray area/ where on earth/up to you…中文意思是?25種日常會話的英語表達!

iffy / gray area/ where on earth/up to you...中文意思

iffy / gray area/ where on earth/up to you…中文意思是?

《Speak English With Vanessa》講師 Vanessa 在 Youtube 上面列舉了25種日常會話的英文表達,一起來學習吧!

1、to look like 看起來像 = to resemble 相似於

例:I mostly look like my mom. 我長得像我媽媽。

例:It looks like it’s going to rain. 看起來要下雨了。

2、to a T = perfectly, exactly 完全地、準確地

例:She  looks like her mom to a T. 她看起來完全像她媽媽。

例:You need to follow these instructions to a T. 你需要完全地跟著說明書指示。

3、off the charts 破表

more than expected 表示超乎預期、超出正常範圍

例:Her enthusiasm was off the charts.


例:Our heating bill was off the charts last month.


4、a gray area  灰色地帶、灰色區域

not clearly defined 表示無法明確定義、無法界定

例:The area between childhood and adulthood is a gray area.


例:Sharing pictures of your child on social media is a gray area.


5、to be paid under the table 非法交易

to get money illegally 表示非法得到錢

例:I was paid under the table. 我私下被賄絡了。

例:Most odd jobs are paid under the table. 大多數零工都是非法交易。

6、the meat 多數

the majority 指大多數、大部分

例:The meat of our tourism is nature. 我們旅遊業大多是去大自然。

例:Selling pottery is the meat of the craft shop’s revenue. 賣陶器是工藝品店收入的主要來源。

7、to crash somewhere 擅自闖入(未經邀請)

to arrive informally 指非正式地到達

例:We’re going to crash their vacation.


例:If you need somewhere to stay, feel free to crash at my house.


8、you can’t go wrong with 不會出差錯

it is always a good idea 表示通常是好主意,做壞決定是不可能的

例:You can’t go wrong with salmon. 鮭魚絕對是不會出錯的選擇。

例:You can’t go wrong with a beach vacation. 海灘度假絕對不會錯的。

9、to make it work 成功

to succeed despite difficulty 儘管遇到困難仍能成功

例:We made it work. 我們成功了。

例:Having a long distance relationship is tough, but we’ll make it work.


10、where on earth 到底、究竟

a shocked statement 表示發表一震驚的聲明,加強疑問的語氣

例:Where on earth did you hear that? 你究竟從哪聽到的?

例:Where on earth did this package come from? 這包裹到底從哪來的?

11、that’s it 就這樣、完了

the end 表示結束的意思

例:If he fails, that’s it. 如果他失敗了,那就這樣吧。

例:Alright, that’s it! See you next week. 好了,就這樣!下禮拜見。

12、up to 最多

a maximum of 表示最大值

例:They can stay in the air up to 10,000 miles. 他們可以在空中停留達10,000英里。

例:This car can drive up to 250 mph. 這輛車可以以每小時250英里的速度行駛。

13、some may argue that 有人可能會爭論說

a polite, indirect opinion 有禮貌的間接意見

例:Some may argue that the stuffing is better than the turkey.


例:Some may argue that Vanessa’s lessons are the best in the world.


14、to find that 發現

a somewhat formal opinion 表示發表有點正式的意見

例:I find that playing a sport helps me relax. 我發現參加運動有助於我放鬆。

例:I found that, after 3 months, the classes weren’t really helping me.


15、to (not) handle something 無法掌握、應付

to not manage or deal with 表示無法處理或應付某事

例:My body can’t handle the stress. 我的身體無法承受壓力。

例:Having a newborn and a toddler is hard to handle. 擁有新生嬰兒是很難應付的。

16、to get into something 開始對…感興趣

to become interested in an activity 表示對某項活動感興趣

例:It’s easy to get into soccer. 足球很容易產生興趣。

例:When did you get into rock music? 你什麼時候開始喜歡搖滾音樂的?

17、to take up something 開始

to start a new activity 表示開始一項新的活動

例:My brother convinced me to take up hockey. 我哥說服我開始玩曲棍球。

例:I thought about taking up knitting, but I’m too busy. 我考慮過要開始編織,但我太忙了。

18、up to you 由你決定

to have the responsibility of a decision 表示負有決定的責任

例:Team sports are not all up to you. 團隊運動並非全由你決定。

例:Where should we eat? 我們應該去哪吃飯?

It’s  up to you. It’s your birthday. 給你決定。這是你的生日。

例:It’s  up to the boss. 取決於老闆。

19、peace of mind 安心

to feel safe and secure 感到安全、有保障

例:He wants to get a security system for peace of mind.


例:You want to call her for peace of mind.


20、outright 徹底、完全、立刻

completely, immediately 完全地、立刻

例:We paid for our car outright. 我們馬上為汽車付款。

例:He outright dismissed my idea. 他立刻完全地排除了我的想法。

21、to check all of the boxes 滿足所有的要求、符合所有的標準

a figurative checklist 比喻性的清單

例:It checked all of the boxes of a regretful purchase.


例:I married her because she checked all of the boxes.


22、icing on the cake 錦上添花、雪上加霜

an additional benefit or negative issue 表示一項額外的好處或負面問題

例:It was icing on the cake that our cat bit them.


例:The teacher was great at explaining, and his humor was icing on the cake.


23、worth it 值得、物有所值

benefits outweigh the cost 收益大於成本

例:Tea at Startbucks is never worth it. 星巴克的茶不值得。

例:We drove through the rain to get to the concert, but it was worth it. 我們下雨開車去看音樂會,但這是值得的。

24、to sweat something = to feel stress 感到壓力

例:I never sweat a small purchase. 對於小東西購買我完全沒壓力。

例:Don’t sweat it! 別感到壓力!

25、iffy 有問題的、不確定的

questionable, uncertain 表示懷疑、不確定的

例:Buying clothes online can be iffy. 線上購買衣服可能會有點沒把握!

例:He might cancel his Netflix account because his finances are iffy.


例:The weather is kind of iffy today, let’s go on our hike tomorrow.



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