1 I’m going to New York. 我要去紐約。
2 Here you go. 給你。
3 Window seat, please. 請給我靠窗的位子。
4 Just this one. 就這個而已。
5 Is my baggage overweight? 我的行李超重了嗎?
6 No. 沒有。
7 Is this allowed on the plane? 這可以帶上飛機嗎?
8 What time will we be boarding? 我們什麼時候登機?
9 Where is the departure gate? 登機門在哪裡?
10 I’m here on vacation. 我是來度假的。

機場櫃檯 Checking in at the Airport

ground staff (n.) 地勤人員

I missed my flight because I fell in love with the ground staff and refused to leave her. I was later taken away by security.我錯過了我的班機,因為我愛上了幫我處理票務的地勤,所以不願意離開。我後來被警衛帶走了。

check (v.) 托運

I’d like to check this Hello Kitty luggage case. I know I’m a grown man. Don’t judge me for my taste.我的凱蒂貓行李箱要托運。我是成年男子沒錯,不要取笑我的喜好。

aisle seat (n.) 靠走道的位子

When I get an aisle seat, I like to make it hard for people to cross and watch them struggle.我坐在走道座位時會故意讓人很難通過,然後看他們掙扎。

boarding pass (n.) 登機證

I’ve booked you a flight to “Far Away From Me”. Here’s your boarding pass.我幫你訂了機票到「離我遠一點」,這是你的登機證。


Ground Staff 地勤 Ray 阿滴

Ground Staff:Where are you flying to today?地勤:請問今天要飛往哪裡?
Ray:Boston. Here’s my passport. 阿滴:波士頓,這是我的護照。

Ground Staff:Good evening, Mr. Du. Are you checking any bags? 地勤:都先生,晚安,有行李要托運的嗎?
Ray:Yes, just one. And I’d prefer an aisle seat, please. You know, long flight, gotta get up and stretch. 阿滴:有一件,然後我想要靠走道的座位。你知道的,飛很久,要起來走一走。

Ground Staff:No problem. Can you put your luggage on the scale, please? 地勤:沒問題,麻煩您把行李放到上面秤重。
Ray:Of course. It’s not overweight, right?阿滴:好的,沒有超重吧?

Ground Staff:Yup, you’re good. Here’s your boarding pass. Your flight leaves from gate 23 and boarding begins at 10:30.地勤:沒有,這邊是您的登機證。請在23 號門登機,登機時間是十點三十分。
Ray:Thank you. Also, can I bring my water bottle with me?阿滴:謝謝你,對了,我可以帶水壺嗎?

Ground Staff:Liquids exceeding 100 ml are not allowed through the security checkpoint. You might have to empty your bottle.地勤:超過一百毫升的液體無法通過安檢,可能得麻煩您清空瓶子。
Ray:Thanks for the reminder! 阿滴:謝謝提醒!

Vocabulary 主題單字

Airport Facilities 機場設施
information desk 詢問處
lost and found 失物招領
baggage claim 行李提領區
currency exchange 外幣兌換
duty free shop 免稅商店
coin locker 投幣式置物櫃
tax refund 退稅
observation deck 觀景台
check-in counter 報到櫃檯
customs 海關
boarding gate 登機門
departures 離境
arrivals 入境
terminal 航廈
lounge 候機室

過海關 At Immigrations

purpose of visit (n.) 拜訪目的

I don’t know why I got deported. All I said was, “My purpose of visit is ‘going to comic-con and marrying my anime senpai’”.我不知道為什麼我被遣返回國。被問到「拜訪目的」時,我只是說「參加動漫大會跟我的動漫學長結婚」。

go on vacation (phr.) 去度假

Hi, this is just a kind reminder that I’m going on vacation and you’re not. 嗨,想提醒你一下,我就要去度假了,但是你沒有休假。

profession (n.) 職業;專業

Payday is that one day every month that reminds me I’ve chosen the wrong profession.每個月的發薪日都會提醒我,我真的選錯職業了。

scanner (n.) 掃描器

Come to think of it, your iPhone home button is like a mini fingerprint scanner! 仔細想想,你的iPhone 按鈕就像是一個迷你指紋掃描器耶!

Customs Officer 海關 Ray 阿滴

Customs Officer:What’s the purpose of your visit in the United States? 海關:請問你這次來訪美國的目的是什麼?
Ray:I’m here on vacation.阿滴:我是來度假的。

Customs Officer:And how long will you be staying in the States? 海關:請問,你會在美國停留多久?
Ray:About 15 days.阿滴:大概十五天。

Customs Officer:What’s your profession?海關:你的職業是?
Ray:I’m a YouTuber. 阿滴:我是 YouTuber。

Customs Officer:And what’s that? 海關:那是什麼?
Ray:I make videos online and make money off ad revenue. 阿滴:我拍影片上傳到網路,然後用廣告分潤賺錢。

Customs Officer:Please look at the camera. Place your fingers on the scanner. Now the other hand. Alright, you’re good to go.Welcome to the United States.海關:請看著攝影機,把手指放到掃描器上。換手。好,可以離開了。歡迎來到美國。

Cultural Notes