1. 小測驗

(1) She is bigger then me. (X)
(2) I will come than. (X)
(3) I ate dinner, and then I cleaned up. (O)
(4) I have more money than my sister. (O)
(5) Back than, I took the bus. (X)

2. Then (adv.) 那麼、然後、當時

– often at beginning or end
– sequence / time 通常和時間與次序有關
(1) First I rented the movies. Then I watched all three LOTRs back to back.

(2) We didn’t have the internet back then. 我們那時候並沒有網際網路。
(3) Every now and then, I look at my photo albums. 我偶爾會看看我的相簿。

3. Than (conj.) 比較(comparative)、與其

– more than 比……多
– less than 比……少
– ______er than 比……還要……
– rather than 而不是……
(1) Wolverine is better than Cyclops. 《金鋼狼》比《獨眼怪》還要好。
(2) It cost more money than I thought. 這件物品所要花的錢,比我想像中的還要多。

4. 練習

(1) I went to the store to buy milk. ____ I realized I forgot my wallet at home.
(2) Every now and ____, I buy Smarties.
(3) Abdul is funnier ____ Frank.
(4) Vegetables are more expensive in the Yukon ____ Toronto.

5. 解答

(1) then
(2) then
(3) than
(4) than


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