Home sweet home! home, house相關的13個表達方式



你知道什麼是On the house嗎?有聽過Home sweet home嗎? 一起和Engvid.com的講師Emma學習13個和home, house有關的表達方法吧!

My hometown is Toronto.

2. homesick 鄉愁
I’m homesick. I miss my family.

3. homeless I 無家可歸
I sleep on the street. I’m homeless.

4. Home sweet home! 在家真好,終於到家了 (離開家很久,一回到家時會說)

5. housework家事
She does all the housework.

6. homework作業
Our teacher gave us too much homework.

7. Make yourself at home. 當自己家 (招待客人時)

8. On the house 餐廳某樣餐點免費 (飲料或湯,餐廳免費提供的餐點)

9. house specialty 餐廳的招牌菜
Pizza is their house specialty.

10. house wine 餐廳提供的酒 (通常比較便宜,餐廳推薦的酒)
Would you like the house red or white?

11. house music 電子音樂曲風
The club plays house and hip hop music.

12. full house客滿 (戲院、劇場)
It’s a full house. There are no more tickets for the play.

13. house party 在家舉辦的派對
I’m going to a house party tonight.


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