six figures / little to no /quite a few …中文意思是?10種日常英語表達和短語動詞!

six figures / little to no /quite a few ...中文意思是?

six figures / little to no /quite a few / on top of …中文意思是?

《Speak English With Vanessa》講師 Vanessa 在 Youtube 上面列舉了10種日常英語表達和短語動詞,一起來學習吧!

1、to take something seriously 認真看待

= to accept something sincerely

例:When the teenager told her mom, “I hate you”, her mom didn’t take it seriously.


例:I wish I had taken school seriously.


2、on top of 除..之外(通常指的是驚訝的事)

= in addition to, usually to show surprise

例:My dog ripped my school books, and on top of that, he ate my homework.


例:This vocabulary lesson is great. On top of that, it’s free.


3、quite a few 很多、相當多的

= indirect way to say ‘a lot’

例:I ate quite a few cookies.


例:Quite a few students participated in the 30 Day Listening Challenge.


4、little to no 甚少

= an expression to explain a scale, like ‘1 to 10’

例:I invited 20 people to my party, but little to no people responded.


例:Last week he had little to no time to cook. He was so busy!

上週他幾乎沒有時間做飯。 他好忙!

5、to be a roller coaster 坐雲霄飛車(有很多正面和負面的經歷,形容感覺如坐雲霄飛車)

= an experience with many positives and negatives

例:Last year was such a roller coaster! I got married, and then I got fired from my job, and then I moved to New York!


例:The relationship was an emotional roller coaster for 6 months.


6、I’m talking 我在說…

= a casual expression to emphasize a point一個隨意的表達來強調重點

例:This semester, we will be studying historical figures. I’m talking, Winston Churchill, Genghis Khan, Aristotle…

這個學期,我們將學習歷史人物。 我說的是,溫斯頓·丘吉爾,成吉思汗,亞里斯多德…

例:The restaurant was so fancy. I’m talking, suit and tie, a local weekly menu, a live cello player…


7、at all 完全、根本(多用於否定句)

= completely; always used in negative sentences

例:I haven’t studied for my test at all!


例:I thought my cats would be annoyed about having a new baby at home, but they don’t care at all.


8、six figures 六位數(通常不用於其他數字)

= a salary of 6 digits $100,000 or more (not generally used for other digits)

例:He wants to be a doctor because he wants a six figure salary.


例:They earned six figures last year.


9、to go through something 經歷、遭受 (不好的經驗)

= to have a negative experience

例:Last month I went through a lot! My grandmother was in the hospital, my car broke down, and I had a terrible cold.

上個月,我經歷了很多事情! 我奶奶在醫院裡,我的汽車壞了,而且得了重感冒。

例:You’re going through a lot right now. Please take care of yourself.

你現在正經歷很多事情。 請好好照顧自己。

10、to make it= to be successful 成功

例:He’s moving to LA to become a movie star. I hope he makes it!

他搬到洛杉磯想成為電影明星。 我希望他能成功!

例:He drove to the concert through the rain, the snow, the hail, and finally he made it!





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