meet 中文意思是?meet 英文用法大集合!


「 meet 」中文意思除了見面、遇見的基本定義,還有什麼其他意思或用法呢?

《EnglishClass 101》講師 Alisha 在 Youtube 上面列舉了 meet 的中文意思及其它英文用法,一起來看看吧!


1. meet  第一次見某人和某人說話

ex1. We haven’t met. 我們從未見過

ex2. I want to meet a famous person someday. 我想要有天遇見知名人物

2. meet  完成.實現.達到

ex1. This apartment meets all my requirements.

= This apartment fulfills all of my requirements.

= Everything I require is in this apartment.



ex2. We met our company’s sales goal for last month!

= We achieved our company’s sales goal for last month!


3. meet  表示在某地等待.會合某人,再一起去其他地方。

ex1. Can you meet my mom at the station?

ex2. I’ll meet you in front of the restaurant.

3. meet 把東西連在一起

ex1. The river meets the ocean here.


ex2. The paths met in the forest.


4. meet  讓步.妥協.各退一步

= to make a compromise  妥協. 折中

ex1. Can we meet halfway regarding this issue?

= Can we make a regarding this issue?



ex2. I want to go hiking and you want to have a picnic ;

Let’s meet halfway and have lunch in the park.



5. meet (one’s) maker

= to die


ex1. I sent that spider to meet his maker.

= I caused the spider to go to meet his maker.

= I caused the spider to die.

= I killed the spider.



ex2. I’m afraid of the day I have to meet my maker.

= I’m afraid to die.