「go green」中文意思是?「綠色」(green)的五個英文俚語!


「給你一盞綠光」(give the green light)在英文中有何涵義呢?「go green」又是在形容臉色發青嗎?

English With Lucy的講師Lucy提出了五個和「綠色」(green)有關的俚語,讓你在這些生動又有趣的俚語中學會道地的英文用法喔!

1. to be green with envy

= to be really jealous or envious 非常忌妒
e.g. My neighbor has a gorgeous new pug puppy, and I am green with envy.

2. to have a green thumb

= to have a talent for growing plants 擅長園藝
e.g. In the summer months, my dad grows amazing food for us. All the vegetables taste delicious because he has a green thumb.

3. to be green around the gills

= to look or feel ill 不太舒服
e.g. I sent Sharon from work today because she looked a bit green around the gills.

4. give the green light

= give someone permission to start 准許某人開始做某事
e.g. My boss gave me the green light to start my new campaign.

5. to go green

= to make an environmentally friendly lifestyle change 奉行環保原則
e.g. I’ve decided to go green. From now on, I am going to walk to work.