I think therefor I am! think的10種用法



I think therefor I am. 我思故我在,你知道think相關的用法嗎?一起和Engvid.com的講師Gill學習think與不同介係詞的用法吧!


Let me have a think.讓我想一下thought
I’ve just had a thought. 我突然有一個想法,美國、加拿大不使用thought,而使用think


1. What do you think of my hair? 你覺得我的髮型怎麼樣?
2. What are you thinking about? 你怎麼想?
3. I need to think this through. 我需要仔細想一下。
4. think through指透徹的思考,想到每個細節。
5. What has he thought up now? 他到底在想什麼?通常在抱怨時說,有負面的意思。
6. I know we agreed to move house, but we need to think again. 我知道我們同意要搬家,但我們仍該再想想。
7. That plan has been really well thought out.那個計畫真的想的很徹底。
thought out指你考慮了所有細節,任何會發生的可事都想過了
8. Let me think it over, and I’ll let you know. 讓我好好想一下,我會再跟你說。
think over 指仔細思考,需要時間的思考。
9. We need to think ahead before deciding. 我們需要再決定前先想好。
think ahead指為未來想。
10. I was thinking back to my childhood. 我那時再想我的童年。
Think back 指思考過去的事。