The Los Angeles of today is a multicultural metropolis, home to people and cuisines from every corner of the globe. You can take a culinary journey around the world without ever leaving the city. From Mexican to Moroccan, from Thai to Taiwanese, it’s all available, all the time. But is there any food that actually comes from the City of Angels?


To answer that question, we need to go back in time. After WWII, L.A. experienced a population explosion, and the growing suburbs created a new car culture, as well as new businesses to support it. Before long, there were motels, drive-in movie theaters and drive-in restaurants all over the city. Richard and Maurice McDonald opened McDonald’s Bar-B-Que in San Bernardino in 1940, and after a few years business was so busy that they could barely keep up. So they reduced the menu to just burgers, milkshakes, soft drinks and apple pie, turned the kitchen into an assembly line and dropped the “Bar-B-Que” from their name. They may not have invented burgers, but they did invent fast food. The brothers later sold McDonald’s to a shake machine salesman named Ray Kroc, and under his management it became the top fast food chain in the country and eventually the world.


And McDonald’s isn’t the only fast food restaurant that got its start in the Los Angeles area—otherwise known as the cradle of fast food civilization. Carl’s Junior was established in Anaheim, In-N-Out Burger in Baldwin Park, and Jack in the Box and Taco Bell just down the coast in San Diego. With so many choices, which fast food restaurant do Angelenos prefer? In survey after survey, the clear winner is In-N-Out Burger. Established in 1948, In-N- Out, unlike the other chains, is a family-owned business that has remained true to its L.A. roots. Relying on all fresh ingredients and word-of- mouth advertising, In-N-Out has developed a loyal customer base that includes movie stars, pop singers and even celebrity chefs!

麥當勞也不是唯一從洛杉磯地區發跡的速食餐廳,因此洛杉磯也稱為速食文明的搖籃。卡樂星是在安納罕創立、In-N-Out 漢堡是在鮑德溫公園創立、Jack in the Box 和塔可鐘則是在沿岸不遠的聖地牙哥創立。在如此多的選擇下,洛杉磯人最喜歡哪家速食餐廳?多次調查證明,In-N-Out 漢堡是明顯的大贏家。 In-N-Out 漢堡創立於1948年,跟其他速食連鎖店不同的是,它是家族經營的企業,一直留在洛杉磯堅守自己的根基。靠著新鮮的食材和口耳相傳,In-N-Out 漢堡已經培養出一群忠實的顧客,包括電影明星、流行歌手,甚至名廚!


before long 不久之後
這個慣用語的意思等同於 soon,但是通常只放在句子的結尾,這點與soon 的用法不太相同。
A: Learning how to play the guitar is so hard.
B: Just keep practicing, and you’ ll be playing like a pro before long!
drive-in 免下車
(drive-in theater),電影院座位就是你自己開來的愛車,如今已經漸漸式微。


1) multicultural (a.) 多種文化的
2) metropolis (n.) 大都市,首都
3) all the time (adv.) 無時不刻
4) milkshake (n.) 奶昔
5) soft drink (phr.) 汽水,不含酒精飲料
6) assembly line 裝配線,生產線
7) management (n.) 管理,管理階層、團隊
8) Angeleno (n.) 洛杉磯人
9) word-of-mouth (a. /n.) 口耳相傳的;口碑


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